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Book Donations

A cardboard box filled with books on a wooden floor.

The Coopersville Area District Library happily accepts public donations of used books and media on an ongoing basis throughout the year. Newer and popular titles are processed and then put on the shelf as part of the library’s circulating collection. The rest of the items are stored on-site to be used in the Friends of the Library book sale held each August. This annual sale is one of the bigger fundraisers for the library, helping to raise the majority of the support for new programming and new materials.

While the library staff is very appreciative of the generous gifts from the community, there are some guidelines to remember before donating. Those guidelines are as follow:

·       Donated materials must be in good shape. Any discolored, torn, musty, or moldy items will not be accepted.

·       Textbooks and encyclopedia sets are not accepted.

·       VHS materials and magazines are no longer accepted.

·       Donated books should not exceed a 10-year publication date. Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis regarding classics, antiques, and other rare books.

If you have any further questions about this policy, please contact the library at (616) 837-6809 or stop by and talk to a staff member.

Thanks again to the community for its continued support of the library.